Steve Mainous(non-registered)
As usual, the pics are great. At least one of us has the talent to do this.

Anita Locke(non-registered)
Had to make another visit. I can't believe that you have over 9207 photographs now. Can you imagine how many rolls of film that would be in the non-digital days. You do such an amazing job.

Thank you so much for the nine photographs you sent us. How many hours of sleep did you get last night? Obviously you were still working at 1:40 a.m.

Have another great weekend event. You are a very talented photographer - a very patient one too! Much success!
Anita Locke(non-registered)
Amazing photographs Jeff, over 8000, when do you breath let alone sleep...yes, that's right, you don't sleep do you. Enjoyed our conversation and appreciate your help with a Fordsville Days photo. Much Success, you are a Fantastic Photographer!
Good Work. Nice Pics. Cant wait to see more. Oh ya and I like the tire pic although I dont see the resemblance.
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